'Doomsday Prepper' Couple Accused of Abusing Two Victims on Their Farm

A Florida couple who were described as "doomsday preppers" have been accused of physically and sexually abusing two female victims on their farm for several years according to a release from the Waklulla County Sheriff's Office.

Mikro Ceska, 58 and his wife, Regina Ceska, 55, were both arrested Friday after their two female victims escaped from the couple's farm and told police they'd suffered the alleged abuse for the last several years. The couple reportedly had getaway properties throughout the U.S. and stored food and weapons in the event of a major disaster.

The victims told police they'd been trained by the couple to raise pigs, sheep, as well as grow various fruits and vegetables. They were also taught to sheer sheep, utilize a loom and sew. The Ceskas - who reportedly had custody of the two female victims - treated them like "farm labor" during their time on the farm, as they began their days at 5:30 a.m.

"The females reported they were not allowed to go anywhere, couldn't have friends, couldn't have cell phones, nor talk to people in public places. They stated they were not allowed to agree, talk or shake hands with anyone in public; rather, they were instructed to always look happy. They stated that if they didn’t smile, they would get punished," the sheriff's office stated.

If the victims were uncooperative, the couple would punish them using physical and sexual abuse, restricting their food intake, and beatings. One victim showed detectives recent marks and bruises on her back and arms from a beating allegedly perpetrated by Mikro Ceska. Both females told police Mikro Ceska would also force sex acts on them, some of which with the support of his wife, Regina.

During a search of the couple's property, detectives uncovered large quantities of food rations, survivalist items and dozens of "high-quality firearms and many cases of ammunition."

Mikro Ceska has been charged with sexual battery, sexual assault, abuse and neglect. His wife, Regina, has been charged with two counts of neglect and two counts of failure to report abuse. Both have been booked into the Wakulla County Jail.

Detectives say the investigation is on-going.

Photo: Wakulla County Sheriff's Office


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