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Intelligent & 40 Hour Week

Groundhogs Day & Pay For Cure

With Groundhogs day, Dangerous Dave looks at details and history of the great furry weatherman. Plus, how much would you pay to be cured of Covid forever? Survey says over $13,000 but people would pay twice as much to be cured of insomnia.

Odds of Dying & Advice

Dangerous Dave talks about the odds of dying from different things like 101 to 1 in a car accident and 138,000 to 1 from lightning. By the way, your Powerball odds are 292,000,000 to 1. Plus, are you more likely to take advice from an expert or friends and family? Survey says friends and family, however some have ended friendship over bad advice.

Clean House & Monday Meetings

Is your house cleaner than the one you grew up in? Dangerous Dave talks about a survey that says many of us think so, and many don't care. Plus, what is the best day to set meetings you don't like? Mondays, because more people are not at work Monday's than any other day, because of holidays, long weekend and vacations.

Falling Asleep & Financially Responsible

Have trouble falling asleep? Dangerous Dave talks about a trick to help you when worrying keeps you up. Think of a good memory and really put yourself in the moment that made you happy. That will help you doze off. Plus, are you financially responsible? The majority of adults say "yes" even though over 35% have their parents paying at least one of their bills including rent.

Money Saving Tips & Dream Jobs

We all have seen those hacks that are supposed to save us money. Dangerous Dave talks about a list of those hacks that are worth it because of time or even waste. Those include buying in bulk or trying to make your own detergent. Plus, what would be your dream job? If you said "pilot" you are in the majority as world wide people picked pilot. We look at the top 20 the even includes DJ.

Nutrition Myths and Parent Shopping

There are many myths about nutrition. Dangerous Dave talks about a survey of doctors and what myths they are most tired of hearing about. Plus, if you have an opportunity to shop without your kids, you should. A study shows that having you kids with during shopping will cost you 35% more because of added treats, lets focus and time issues.

Extra Hours & Without Phone

If you had an extra 4 hours in your day what would you do with it? Dangerous Dave talks about how most people would do the responsible thing and do more chores around the house, however you know some would just binge watch something. Plus, how long can you last without your phone? A survey says it is just over 5 hours, however we know many would not last more than and hour.

Weird Dates & Go Missing Binder

Dangerous Dave talks about a online list that women list off some of the weird places they were taken on a date, including a funeral, a dirty underpass and even a strip club. Plus, people are talking about setting up a "If I Go Missing" binder, that includes DNA, handwriting samples and passwords to social media. But what if that gets into the wrong hands? Your identity would be easy to steal

Never In Emergencies & Driving Pet Peeves

What are the things you should never do in emergencies? Dangerous Dave talks about a ER doctor's tips of what never to do, like call loved ones first instead of 911 and remembering a phone charger when you go to the hospital. Plus, a list of pet peeves from when we are driving, including not using turn signals and being a "nicehole" when you try to be nice and not predictable and follow the rules of the road.